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Complementing the Academic Program, the Research Program will initiate research and investigation of designated topics in order to build up a base for a “comprehensive settlement plan for Bangladesh.” Conducted in coordination, some of the research topics will form the content for the academic program. “Research clusters” will be formed around topics of critical urgency in the environmental context of Bangladesh with resonances in other geographies.

Research Objectives

Formulating a theoretical and strategic basis for planning the physical environment

Articulating theoretical and operative linkage among architecture, landscape architecture, city- and place-form, infrastructure, and land-water form

Advocating improvement of quality of environment in rural, urban and quai-urban settlements

Advocating alignment of social and economic development with physical planning

Research Plan

Building a “research and resource repository” for Bangladesh in environmental terms

Visualizing Future Bangladesh: New Settlement Models

Visualizing Future Dhaka: Housing, Transportation, Recreation, Heritage conservation

Visualizing Future Towns of Bangladesh: Small Towns Network - “Janapad” and “Mofussil”

Visualizing Future Villages of Bangladesh: Planning, Communication, Economic security, Infrastructure, Food and energy security

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